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Artist Statement


They way I work

As an artist I have synthesized my keen interest in light and movement with the re-investigation of the origins of various movements within Twentieth Century Abstract Art. I paint intuitively, "The Flow" is through me creating a rich complex of textures and shapes that is equally controlled and random, filled with accidents, abrasions and then (partial) re-establishment of hidden shapes or movements, which allows light and the viewers position, be it close or far, or off to the side to offer constantly changing sensations with corresponding fluidity in the perception of form(s).

The Pentimenti created by overpainting, that is, allowing the underpainting "its voice” creating depth. Paintings may give the impression of completeness, but at the same time represent a provisional statement, as I may be just around the corner with a large brush. As to the concept of "Finish" I continuously work on several paintings at any given time. Sometimes I cease working on one or more of these canvases while continuing to work on others. Thus the painting becomes finished when I no longer paint on it. I often discover something I like on one painting, and use it on others while over-painting it on the original.

I enjoy energy, movement and color. For me painting is “letting go!”. A successful painting is flat and spatial at the same time with a balance of structure and expressiveness, and with a spontaneous, complex and sensual surface, creating layers, that one may “enter”. I hope my art speaks to something in us all that transcends the realm of words.

I believe that painting non-objectively allows the intuitive nature of the painter its voice. It also affords the widest possible range of interpretation, including contradiction. I like the idea of the meaning being felt intuitively by the viewer, rather than a meaning being expressed, as once this occurs it tends to preclude other meanings. It's difficult to answer questions about how I felt or what I was thinking other than to say it felt good, because when it doesn't I paint it out. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

Art Process 1
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